Rising 'Above the Star' with Alexis Marie Shute, our June Featured Bella

This month we are very excited to introduce you to Alexis Marie Chute, author, artist, filmmaker, photographer, curator and designer. Alexis wears many hats, and does so with style. We are inspired by her constant appreciation for art and creativity and her desire to discover more of what makes our humanity so beautiful.

Top – Brunette the Label “We are all babes” Sweater


Jeans – Fidelity Denim Sola Patchwork Jean


Shoes – J/Slide Metallic Blush Shoes

What’s your story?

“I’ve always been an artist. Since I was a little kid, I’ve been painting, taking photos, writing, anything I can get my hands on. I did a bachelor of fine arts at the University of Alberta, got married, and moved to New Zealand for two years. When I got pregnant with my first child we moved back home. During that time I was searching, trying to understand what I have to say in the world and figuring out what meaning I should bring with my creative work. After my personal tragedy (my second child, Zachary, died a few minutes after his birth), I discovered a passion for the resiliency of the human spirit. All of my story telling has the fascination with how us as humans get out of bed, work and strive for happiness. No matter what people have been through, we all have a beautiful story we are weaving together. We all have something hard and painful we’ve experienced and our response to our stories is what connects us. The year after Zachary died, I called it The Year of Distraction. I did everything but personal creative work. I put my daughter in every class possible, did commercial and wedding photography and had no spare moment to grieve. It was only when I got pregnant again that I realized I had 9 months to change my life because I felt like I had lost myself. I needed to pursue peace and tell my story. That’s when my memoir, Expecting Sunshine, came to be.  I love collaborating and working with clients to help them work to tell their story.”

Why writing, filmmaking, photography and art? Has anyone ever told you to pick just one medium?

“What surpasses over the different mediums and genres is the idea of story telling. It felt very natural to sit down and write Expecting Sunshine. Then I felt compelled to tell the story in a different way, which is how the documentary came about. My experience as a visual artist and writer, as a creative person, I don’t necessarily have balance; my outputs have ebb and flow. I’ve also discovered that if I’m feeling writers block, or stuck with paintings, I’ll go to a different creative expression which changes things up and helps me break through. It is a give and take, ying/yang relationship with creativity. Through the opposites there is balance. In everything I do I’m hybrid, in my books it’s poetry and it’s visual, all of these different yet they benefit each other. I don’t like being bored.”

Romper – Ali & Jay Arnette Water Lilies One-Shoulder Romper


Denim Jacket – Fidelity Jeans


Shoes – Steve Madden Block Heel Sandals

Jewellery – Melanie Auld Rings

What’s your one message to all women out there?

“Learning to guard and protect your joy is one of the most empowering and freeing things that I’ve learned and it’s affected every area of my life. Guarding my heart against people’s opinions on how I raise my kids, or how I make money, or how I look, or the art that I make helps me preserve my joy. Learning to protect your personal vision is vital, because everyone has different views. Sometimes we are our own worst critic, and that is why self-care and self-empowerment are so important. We are so caught up in the bustle of everyday life. Sleeping enough, taking time to be quiet, discovering what fills you up, learning when to say yes and when to say no; all of these self-care practices are so essential. Life is so short, if we don’t protect our own joy we have nothing to give to the world. I actually teach a class called Creativing to Heal and Empower, which is geared towards people who are givers and need to create space for themselves. It’s a camp for adults to come and do self care, work through your shit and empower yourself to learn different creative practices and how you can make them spiritual, meditative exercises. We use collage, painting, photography, sculpture and creative writing. If you’re interested, you can sign up on my website www.alexismariechute.com

What’s your personal style?

“I like to be colourful and quirky and fun.”

Dress – Wrap Printed Ruffle Dress in Poppy Red

Shoes – Steve Madden Block Heel Sandals

What’s your style advice?

“Wear your personality. The things you are drawn to that you think you can’t pull off? That’s what you need to be wearing. Being who you are on the outside is a very beautiful thing.”

Thank you, Alexis, for taking time to share your story with us. Alexis chose to partner with the charity Centre for Family Literacy for this month, so a portion of all sales in June will be directed to support this great cause! Furthermore, Alexis’ newest novel, Above A Star, will be released, and we are so excited to host her at our Sherwood Park location on June 14th for a book signing (5-7 PM)! It is an epic fantasy adventure with elements of the resiliency and bravery of the human spirit and the desire for family to fight against all odds to protect and save each other. We hope you check it out!

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2528809907344882/

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