5 Brands Bella Maas Boutique Loves Going Into Fall / Winter 2019

Since day one at Bella Maas, our goal has always been to line our (and your) shelves with essential pieces that you’ll love. We pick from a wide variety of brands, but pay particular focus to local and Canadian fashion.  

Everything on our shelves is hand-picked by us with a focus on quality and sustainably, and we LOVE supporting other local entrepreneurs and designers who align with our vision.  

By helping you step into the right shoe or slip into a pair of quality denim, we hope to empower YOU and our community to become the best version of yourself.  

That’s why we put together this list for the Fall / Winter 2019 of brands we absolutely love lately. 

Lost In layers


Based out of our sister city in Calgary, Lost In Layers began in 2014, when Lindsay purchased a discount fabric and designed their signature kimono.  

Made with 100% polyester, the oh-so-comfy kimono fabric will have you guiding through fall with a light breeze. 

The kimonos are made to make women of all ages, sizes, and ages feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in their own skin—because we all deserve to.   

For a limited time, buy the Kimono and receive a second one for 50% off! 

Mother Denim


We’re going outside of Canada for this denim brand—but it’s for a good reason. This boutique brand, made in LA, has an eclectic range of fits and washes, that prides themselves on their ‘indie spirit.’

After 4 years of providing North America with super-soft fabrics, and growing a cult following of models, they’ve expanded across the aisle and ventured into sportswear, outerwear, and accessories.  

Take a look over at our Denim Bar for all fits and styles.   

Soia & Kyo


Soia & Kyo’s motto is to ‘celebrate the beauty in simplicity,’ and their focus on pale colours, warm greys and beiges, makes them an ideal choice for fall and winter styles. 

They also bring with them over 15 years of luxurious fabrics, refined construction, effortless wear and versatile styling. 

We also love their motto, which is aligned with theirs, to ‘celebrate the beauty in you.’ 

Take a look around our collection and see if anything moves you.

Jackson Rowe


Another Vancouer brand that we absolutely adore, Jackson Rowe was created by Julia Lefeaux and comes from the marriage of her grandparent’s names, Jack & Rose.  

You can really see the love and care that goes into each garment from Jackson Rowe when they explain the design behind each piece as “a moment in time, a happy memory you never forget.”  

Take the Ferrah Playsuit for example, which may be the most comfortable thing we’ve ever put on our body. It’s buttery soft and drapes beautifully across the body of the wearer—what more could you want in fall? 


Founded in 2008 by LA native Jeff Abrams, Rails, once a small label, now has a full sweep of women’s, men’s and children’s apparel. 

We chose Rails for our Fall / Winter collection because they do an excellent brand of blending casual Southern California living with the sleek sophistication of bold layering. They provide a relaxed yet refined look that is synonymous with metropolitan living. 

One item that stands out is the Rhett - Ash Cheetah, with monochrome dark grey cheetah print—it’ll pair well with extra layers and works all on its own, for those second summer days. 

We hope you found an item you will fall (pun intended) in love with this F/W 2019. 

What items or looks are you most looking forward to in the upcoming season? 



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