Bano eeMee

Bano eeMee is derived from the visions of Creative Director Aleem Arif who founded the brand in early 2012. Aleem, hailing from the world of finance decided to switch his career to fashion and form Bano eeMee in Canada. The brand is dedicated to two generations of women in Aleem’s family.

He recalls ‘my grandmother used to lovingly call my mother Bano and eeMee is what my mother called me....I decided to form Bano eeMee paying homage to both generations’

The issue of social consciousness is at the heart of Bano eeMee’s ethos. The brand promotes ethical realization of its designs with a focus on helping support the social fabric in communities ravaged by war, poverty and destitution through creating opportunities, paying fair wages and transferring knowledge.

Bano eeMee is recognized for its luxurious hand burnished genuine leather jackets, immaculately tailored blazers and structured ‘mixed media’ clothing.

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