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What is Daydreamer?
Calling all music lovers! This is going to be your new favorite brand. Daydreamer was built on risk-taking and rule breaking. A creative blend of past, present, and future these graphic band tees will easily be among your favorites.

More than merch.
Daydreamer has no problem giving credit where credit is due. They’ve built great relationships with the musicians and bands whose names are featured on their clothing. To sell authentic goods with logos and tour dates Daydreamer pays licensing fees and royalties to the bands they’ve partnered with. No complaints here. We’re happy to support some of the greats. 

What makes Daydreamer so heavenly?
Not only do these tops standout and show off cool designs and graphics, the Daydreamer fit and feel is unparalleled. They do relaxed and oversized better than anyone. Wear em and wash em all you want, they’ll stand the test of time. No doubt Daydreamer has raised the bar for tees everywhere.

Wear them with everything.
Graphics can be your go-to for all occasions. Stylish and self-assured or cool and classy, each piece gives off an effortlessly easy-going vibe. Daydreamer is a must in any instance. Their tees are just as addictive as the rock n roll music they feature. Make room in your closet, you’re going to want one in every band.

For the love of music.
Daydreamer brings fashion and music together in a way that makes you feel like you’re joining a secret club. A club where all are welcome and everyone looks cool. Flex your musical expertise or relive iconic music moments from the past. You’ll be on trend with any of these tees.


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