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What is Gentle Fawn?
Gentle Fawn embodies the best parts of women’s fashion. A Canadian brand that uses handmade textiles and high-quality fabrics. Each collection is thoughtfully designed with items that perfectly balance style and comfort. The brand creates pieces inspired by nature that are fit for urban city living.

Why we love Gentle Fawn.
Every piece represents the charming essence of the brand. We appreciate the attention to detail put into each design and like that they offer a range of sizes. Be it a flirty dress or an elegant blouse, their styles are made to flatter anyone and everyone.

Quality go-to pieces.
Popular styles like the Tucker and Fonda sweaters are just a few reasons people come back time and time again for Gentle Fawn. Made with a stretch knit fabric and many colorways, these sweaters always find a way to match the vibe.

Timeless fashion.
This brand is committed to making clothes that are approachable and on trend. Gentle Fawn often designs items that are current and fashionable while also satisfying the need for basics. Many of their styles become year-round staples.


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