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A more rugged, technical belt with all the hallmarks of an Unbelt: the Intrepid is an insanely comfortable, machine washable, travel-friendly, and really, really size-inclusive version.


First… this is a lifetime belt. Buy it once, and Unbelt will repair or replace it forever. It’s their way of measuring our materials’ durability and minimizing our environmental footprint. You’ll also find some hidden bonuses like a secret pocket, a no-slip inner grip, and elastic made out of recycled water bottles.


And finally - every Intrepid is sewn in their new studio in Edmonton, Alberta, where they're determined to create the same living-wage jobs that we’ve been so proud to sustain in their other hometown of Shanghai, China.

Size - fits all pant sizes from 0-16



  • Hypoallergenic, airport-friendly zinc alloy hardware
  • 63% recycled polyester band with 37% (concealed) latex
  • Silicone inner grip to prevent slipping
  • Standard belt loop width (1.5” / 4 cm)
Care Instructions
  • Adjust to approximate length using slider and thread through belt loops
  • Tighten or loosen as needed - no need to unthread
  • Leave in belt loops on laundry day. Cold wash, hang to dry. Do not iron


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