Blazers are Back: 4 Easy Ways to Wear your Blazers

 Not a dressy as they once were, blazers now a staple piece for trendsetters and tastemakers everywhere. A must-have for every season and all occasions, blazers are the best piece to have in your closet for both fashion and functionality.

I know its easy for blazers to feel like a stuffy office piece, but they aren’t being worn that way anymore. The thing with blazers is the more you wear them casually, the more you wear them. Period. Working them in with everyday outfits is definitely the way to go. They add a stylish je ne sais quoi to your look and are a practical addition to any outfit.

So follow along and we’ll share some of our favorite ways to style blazers in an easy and accessible way.

 1. Matchy matchy full suit.
For a clean, crisp look pair your new blazer with matching pant. Go for the full suit. It doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds. The matching pants and blazer is a power move, yes, but it’s also chic and an easy way to have a classy vibe without having to choose to much to wear.


Take a peek at the Sawyer Blazer and Clove Pants from Heartloom. That perfect relaxed fit in an academic inspired pinstripe comes together for a stylish full suit.

2. Cool and casual.
This is definitely the preferred way to wear blazers nowadays. It’s trendy to rock an oversized blazer with jeans and your favorite band tee. It’s a simple look that has a causal feel to it, but the really blazer pulls it all together. It’s a look that, from the outside, seems like you put in a ton of effort, but in reality you’re still feeling comfy and cool.

Persona Blazer from BB Dakota & Graphic Tee Options


Try this combo: checkered Persona Blazer from BB Dakota with the Ring Rib Bodysuit from Dex for an interesting underlayer and lighter wash denim like these Hustler Ankle Fray jeans from Mother Denim

or something a little more adventurous like this The Who Long Live Rock concert tee from Daydreamer with a crisp mid-wash pair of Swooner Rascal Hover's from Mother Denim and the elegant pinstripe Jac Blazer from Rails to top it all off.


3. Skirts and dresses.
Dresses, but it doesn’t have to be dressy. Much like the comeback of blazers, dresses have also made their way back in to everyday wear. So why not mix the two together? Another easy way to style your blazer is to throw it over a fun maxi skirt or a classic t-shirt dress. Feel free to mix in a pop of color or an interesting fabric. These items will work together to complete your look.


Check out this gorgeous pink Arky Blazer from Minimum over a neutral pleated skirt

or try a shorter skirt like plaid Millie Skirt and the Sawyer Blazer from Heartloom with a knit Tucker Pullover from Gentle Fawn.



4. Simple and Understated
No doubt, the oversized, relaxed fit of blazers these days can be a lot. Sometimes that’s what you want, sometimes you don’t want to wear something quite so bold. One way we love to wear these relaxed fit blazers is in simple shades. Pick a blazer in a solid color for a more classic feel to mute the oversized structure and keep our outfit looking simple and chic.

If you want simple and sophisticated this Tara Blazer from Minimum is a must have for sure! 



Check out some of our other blazer options here! We keep up with all the latest styles so all you've got to do is shop and rock the blazer trend in as many ways as you want!

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