Community has always been a driving force for us here at Bella Maas. We understand the value in supporting each other and are empowered by strong community bonds.
Bella Maas gives back is an opportunity for us to support important causes and bring attention to local organizations that are making a real difference in our communities.
That's great, but what are we doing really?
Each month we are committed to finding a new organization to sponsor. Throughout that entire month we will be donating a portion of our sales to the chosen organization or charity.
How do we choose a charity or organization to work with?
Our focus is to highlight charities and organizations that are not "the most" common, but that are doing tremendous work in their fields. We'll be looking to support local and give back to places that may need a little extra attention in order to make real change happen. We want to work with organizations that hold a special place in our hearts and donate to causes that align with our values. 
How can you get involved?
Easy. Because we are doing the heavy lifting and donating a portion of our sales, all you've got to do is shop!

We want to thank you all in advance for your contributions and support as we give back to our community.
In the meantime, check out some of the organizations we already love and support: