Blazers are black. I mean back. *Blazers are back. How to wear your Basic Blazer 10 ways

Well, if we’re being honest, they never really went anywhere to begin with. Blazers are tried and true, but the way we’re wearing them has most definitely changed.
No longer synonymous with menswear and meetings, blazers are now a symbol of put-together femininity. They reside at the intersection of style and poise. A fundamental part of any established wardrobe and an effortless addition to everyday streetwear. Blazers are both a blast from the past and a leap into the future.
Textures, prints, colors, patterns. That’s what’s so great about blazers these days. They morph into whatever they are needed to be. A blazer is bold and avantgarde when the wearer wants to make a statement just as easily as it completes a contemporary suit.
Although integrated into daily fashion for quite some time, more recent years have paved the way for blazers to become the focal point of just about any outfit. Determined to exude power and sensibility they now playfully gender bend and defiantly find a way to belong no matter the occasion.
Blazers are functional and practical in nature but when thoughtfully chosen can tie an entire outfit together. Very few pieces in a woman’s closet can transcend different styles quite like a well tailored jacket. And none do it better than a chic black blazer.
As far as we’re concerned, black blazers are true chameleons. Sure, colors and plaids are cool, but we all know black is everyone’s favorite shade, so why not wear it with everything?
No doubt an ageless piece, but even this multifunctional favorite has adapted and evolved over the years. What we’re seeing nowadays is a refined combination of tailored excellence and relaxed imperfection. Comfortable fabrics and looser fits reflect how people are choosing to mix blazers into their everyday attire and wear this look more casually. Even still, the structured shoulders persist. They define the traditional blazer silhouette we all know and recognize. And eh, tailored construction is very flattering, so why mess with a good thing?
A blazer is a timeless choice for modern professionals and an elevated option for trendy urban tastemakers. Women have no doubt embraced the masculine origins and polished elegance of the look. Be it oversized over cocktail dress or layered thoughtfully with a knit sweater and jeans, it’s clear that a stylish black blazer is a must, no matter how you wear it.
And while we’re on the subject… check some of the ways we love to wear our Boyfriend Blazer:
Click on the images below for more inspo and ideas on how to style this look. 
Woman black blazer torso stripe button up woman torso black blazer close up stripe button up woman black blazer grey tank top woman black blazer graphic band shirt
woman black blazer polka dot collared shirt woman black blazer pink sweatshirt woman black blazer pink sweatshirt woman black blazer grey turtleneck
woman black blazer fuzzy grey sweater buttons woman black blazer grey camisole  woman black blazer graphic white top woman black blazer graphic white top

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