Bottoms Up: Styling Pants 101

Trousers, chinos, and joggers, oh my!
Don't get me wrong, we love a great pair of jeans, but what do you wear when you want an alternative to denim?
It definitely isn't the only way to wear pants causally, but what else is there? Pants are trending in so many styles right now! Trousers are a go-to because of their timeless fit. The wide leg look has also been a seasonal favorite. What we're saying got options!
Wide leg options and how to style them.
Proportions can be tricky, but we find starting off simple is the way to go. Tucking in a fitted tank can offset the wider pants and gives you some freedom to layer cardigans and jackets. We often find that with a flowy bottom a cropped or shorter length top can offer the balance to complete your look. 
Try the Celine Tank, a higher scoop neck favorite or the effortlessly flattering square neck Belize Tank. Both from Gentle Fawn. 
This cropped Utility Jacket is a great lightweight option, used to style and complete and outfit. If you're looking for a cozier option, the Stari sweater is the perfect relaxed fit cardigan. 
Joggers and the freedom they offer.
A tapered pant is such a great go-to style. Joggers bring a casual vibe to the table but can easily be dressed up or down, we love the versatility that this style comes with!
Faux leather can be an elevated look and the cinched ankle elegantly shows off your favorite footwear.
Go for a casual cargo look with these Rebel Pants or soften up your outfit with the popular tencel fabric of these Pocket Joggers. Both are best selling styles!
Colors and prints can be basic as much as bold.
One way to stand out with a non-so basic pair of pants is with solid colors and interesting prints. A huge upside to denim alternatives is the range of looks you can try by playing around with different shades of the rainbow, mixing in patterns, and even different textures.
Carnaby Kick Crop pants mix a simple style with a bold check, the satin finish of the Margot Pants elevate any outfit, and the Noho Trousers are a sophisticated classic in a standout color.
Get it out of your head that you need to be tall to pull off wide leg or flared pants or that you're not really a pattern person. That's just not the case. The finding the right pair that works for your body. Sometimes this means trying a few...or let's be honest, more than a few, until you find what works. Prints don't always have to be bold colors and trousers don't only have to be worn as dress pants to work. The reality is that every body is different, so pants will fit and look a little different on everyone too. Be patient, it's likely you just haven't found the right ones for you. 
We're here for you and have SO MANY different styles to help you choose from. Check out some of our favorites here!

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