Elevating Wardrobe Basics: Tips and Tricks for Enhancing Basic Outfits

Introducing the Basics

Who said basic outfits can’t be stylish? Before diving into ways to elevate a basic outfit, it is essential to make sure you have high-quality basics in your closet. A pair of jeans, a few simple shirts, a dress, and a couple of layers (like a blazer, sweatshirt, or cardigan) can be an excellent start for any outfit. For more ideas of what to add to the basics in your closet to create perfect outfit formulas, look at different variations of capsule wardrobes to see what may work for your style.

Now that we have the basics down, we can look at ways to elevate your outfit! Try a few of these tips to bring your simple outfit to the next level.

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Add Jewelry and Accessories

When it comes to jewelry, finding a balance is key. One or two carefully chosen items can make an outfit pop, but be careful not to go overboard. Pairing a large necklace and earrings, layering a few necklaces, or adding a scarf, ring, watch, sunglasses or even a belt can add layers and elevate your outfits. Accessories are great because they are easy to interchange, and your basics can be worn in multiple ways.

Play With Color Combinationspage1image59429136

Although there is nothing wrong with gravitating towards specific colours, consider playing with your outfits' colour palette to create interest. Try wearing all one colour for an effortless look or adding pops of a different colour throughout your outfit.

Mix Textures and Patterns

If you are attached to certain colours, try upgrading your basic fit by avoiding wearing block colours or prints. Adding one or two elements with different fabric textures or patterned prints can make your outfit more interesting.

You can even try repeating patterns or textures in multiple pieces to create an effortlessly cohesive outfit. Try matching your skirt and blazer, matching hair accessories to your outfit, or wearing similar metals throughout your jewelry and clothing accents. If you are feeling experimental, play around with different patterns and textures that can be layered to achieve different effects.

Try Layering

Layers are a great way to mix up a basic wardrobe and are especially good for changing climates and cooler months. Adding a blazer or cardigan over a basic pair of jeans and a t-shirt can make an outfit look more professional, all without losing comfort and adding style.

For the warmer months, check out more lightweight layers, such as the Hudson Button Down or a lightweight knit cardigan like the Tie Pointelle Cardigan. Look especially for lighter, more airy fabrics when searching for warm weather friendly layers.

(Tie Pointelle Cardigan image from Bella Maas)

Alter the Fit

Altering the fit of clothing can make pieces feel like something completely different. If you want to make your basic outfits look incredible but don’t want to add any other elements, consider having your clothing tailored. Getting clothing tailored can make a huge difference in how your final outfit looks.

If you don’t want to get your clothing tailored, try tucking in your shirt. There are various ways to tuck in your shirt and change the look of your outfit: the front tuck, the side tuck, the half tuck, tying it in a knot, and so on. You can also try rolling up the sleeves of a shirt or, for buttoned-down tops and blouses, try leaving the top button or two open so the collar sits differently. There are so many options to play around with – try some and see what works for you and your style!

Find the Right Shoes

It is absolutely essential that shoes are comfortable, but comfort and style are not mutually exclusive. Sneakers are far from the only comfortable footwear options; trying different shoes can change an outfit's appearance. At Bella Maas, we have a massive collection of comfortable and stylish shoes you can check out.

Change the Hairstyle

Hair really can make or break an outfit. Dressing formally with a messy, dry-shampoo-filled ponytail simply won’t work. Try out new hairstyles to find things that match your outfits and lifestyle. For example, curling your hair will likely match a formal outfit, while a messy bun could go great with jeans and a hoodie on a day when casual dress is appropriate.

Putting together stunning outfits doesn’t need to be complicated. Create the perfect look with Bella Maas basics, accessories, and other clothing options! Check us out online or in-store to browse our collection!

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