How to: Find the Hat for your Face Shape

We are BIG fans of Indie hat Brand Lack of Color in our Boutique - the way a fun hat can completely elevate your look is a game changer. But you may wonder - which hat works best for me? Well, it's all in the shape of your face. We'll go over 5 common face shapes and the hats we recommend for each.
face shape graphic sketches
Long Face Shape
If you have a Long Face Shape, you'll want to stay away from shorter or shallow brim hats as these can make your face look longer. Instead, opt for wider brims like cowboy hats and sun hats, or rancher style hats - these are the best looks for longer faces. They create the illusion of width vs length and help soften the face. 
Our Pick:
the rancher lack of color hat women
Diamond Face Shape
Opposite of a long face shape, those with Diamond Shape faces will want to look for hats that create an illusion of elongation and length. Medium-sized or shallow brims or flicked up edges create an illusion of shape and take the edge off the angles. Stay away from floppy or wide brim hats that will just accentuate your sharpest points, and try pushing the headband back further on your forehead vs. wearing it lower. 
Our Pick:
seaside boater lack of color hat shells
Round Face Shape
Those with a round face shape will want to avoid anything that makes your face look fuller - so stick to shorter brims, angular shapes to create dimension, or fedoras - anything you can push back further on your crown. Floppy sun hats are not your friend, but you can rock a fedora or rancher style better than most!
Our Pick:
rafia cruiser hat women lack of color
Square Face Shape
To counteract your sharper cheek bones, square face shapes will look best in softer styles. Floppy sun hats and slouchy bucket hats will be your go-to, and something you can wear lower on your forehead will create a more full face shape. Avoid hats with strong angles and edges, or shorter brims. 
Our Pick:
wave bucket hat mint green lack of color
Heart Face Shape
With both wider cheek bones and sharp angles, you may think hats aren't for you - wider brims can make your face look longer and shallow brims tend to make your face look wider! What's a heart-shaped face gal to do? Aim for the middle - medium brims, fedoras, and baseball caps create cleaner lines that don't overwhelm your face. 
Our Pick:
the Sierra lack of color gold hat women
Regardless of your face shape, picking the hat you LOVE and wearing it with confidence is all that really matters!
Need help choosing a size?
You'll need a cloth/fabric measuring tape. First, decide if you want to wear your hat on your crown or on your forehead, and then measure the entire circumference of your head from the point where you want the headband to hit. Choose the size closest to the measurement (but not under - so if your head is 56 cm choose Medium, not Small). Tighter is better - especially for windy days (you don't want to spend your day chasing it!). Size Medium (57 cm) is the average head size. 
Happy Hat Hunting Bellas! Tag us @bellamaasboutique #ourbellas so we can see how you styled your new finds!

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