How to Wear it: Layered Necklaces

You've probably noticed it on a few of your favourite influencers + Fashion IT Girls - the more the better is the new mantra for wearing necklaces this spring. But how do you get the look without feeling like Mr. T? It's all about the balance and weight! Here are a few of our favourite pieces (and some tips + tricks) to take your neck game to the next level.
#1 - Keep it all in the Family
Gold is having a BIG moment right now but that doesn't mean you need to toss the silver and rose - but this look isn't about mixing and matching metals. To layer, keep all the pieces in the same metal family/ tones.
#2 - (or 3 or 4) is the Magic Number
You'll want to have at least 2 necklaces (obviously) to make this look work, but why stop there? Add one or two more to really play up the style. If you feel like you've gone overboard, it's easy to rein it in by taking one off. 
#3 - Then mix it up
This is where you get to have fun - mix different chain weights, sizes and lengths to achieve an effortlessly extra look. Chunky links paired back to dainty chains, rope or snake chains - it all works. Add necklaces with small pendants or keep it clean without. 
Here are a few of our favourite pieces to get the layered look (click on the picture to shop):



silver Jenny bird priya snake necklace  +  pilgrim euphoric cable chain necklace
Jenny bird Walter choker gold + the Valerie iconic Betty gold butterfly necklace + pilgrim classic chain necklace dale gold
Do you love this look or still a little scared? Are you a layering queen? We'd love to see!
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