Let's get something straight... Embracing the Newest 90's Jean Trend

Light Denim Straight leg Jean

Let's get something straight...

As in straight leg denim. It’s all the rage, sure, but denim is constantly evolving. Right now, there’s actually a few denim trends happening. Straight leg jeans are on the forefront, there’s no doubt about that. But as straight leg styles have reclaimed their space, they’ve also made room for other throwback styles to remerge.

The good thing about all these different styles floating around is that pretty much anything goes. You can find a fit that works for you wear it all you want. The not so good thing is that having so many options can be a little overwhelming. Ugh, right? We get it. Denim shopping is already hard enough, so to help you navigate your way to a new pair of jeans we’ve broken it all down.


Let’s talk rise. There are mainly three rises that exist in women’s fashion.

Low- Rise:

Big in the 2000s, this hip hugging style was meant to give the illusion of a longer torso. Props to Brittney Spears for popularizing the look and faithfully sticking with low rise all these years, but eh they are not for everybody. Although there are some women who can really pull off this fit, there are many thankful that this rise has fallen out of rotation.

Closeup Destressed denim straight leg


Typically, this fit sits just below your belly  button and lands somewhere in between your hips and waist. In other words, they sit in that sweet spot right in the middle, thus mid-rise denim. If you have a shorter torso, but still want to have an elongating effect, midrise denim is a good option. 


These days a high-rise fit is pretty standard, but it does take some getting used to. Some people love it, some people tolerate it, some people just need to find the right pair for them. High-rise can be incredibly flattering, showing off curves and slimming waistlines. They can even have a lifting effect on your bum and are great if you love to tuck in t-shirts or have tops with higher side slits. However, high-rise denim can also be tricky. Where the top of the jean hits the waist will be different for different body types. Not to worry, we have lots of options and we’ll be there to help you along the way.


Onto the fabrics.


Classic, cowboy denim has been improved and updated to be more stylish. It’s crisp and durable and very easy to care for. But structured doesn’t have to mean stiff. Although some denims have a more rigid feel and take a few wears to relax, typically the structured aspect implies that it holds its shape. Many of our go-to brands have put their own twist on this feel, trying out softer washes in several styles.


If we could sum up stretch fit denim in one word, it would be comfort. People love jeans that have a stretch to them because they are easy to move around in, and you don’t feel like you’ve got to rush home and take them off. They have a bit more give to them, but still look and feel like denim. Which they are, they just have some elastane in them. This is a nice feature, especially with more fitted styles like skinny jeans and higher waisted fits.


Lastly, let’s shift our focus to the legs. Rather, the cut and style of the jeans. This is where we see all those options come into play.

Straight leg jean closeup

Wide Leg:

Wide leg denim is a mix between straight and flare. True wide leg jeans will be fitted in the waist and hips but will gently flare out down the entire leg. They have a bit of a looser fit throughout the thigh as well as down the bottom half of the leg. This style tends to pair nicely with a more tailored top.


Flare denim typically fits snugger along the upper thigh and flares out from the knee. This style has also made a comeback. In fact, a lot of 70s fashion is regaining popularity. Don’t worry though, fits and fabrics have been modernized. So far, our flared denim has had a stretch fit and feels ultra comfy.

Straight Leg:

The key feature of straight leg denim is that they maintain roughly the same width from top to bottom. Especially from the knee down which gives the straight silhouette. This can have an elongating effect, especially in a high-rise fit. Most straight leg jeans are made from 100% cotton denim fabric, but this will vary between brands and styles. An effortless and stylish look, straight leg jeans seem to be a more casual alternative. Not to mention they’re a total throwback to 90s grunge.

Distressed straight leg jeans on chair

Slim Straight:

Essentially slimmer fitting straight leg denim. They typically hug the bum and upper thighs but remain the same straight width down to the ankle. Since some pairs of denim have an intentionally oversized fit, this look can occasionally be achieved by simply downsizing. This category gives way to jeans that mimic the fit and feel of skinnies yet provide the straight leg silhouette.

Straight Crop:

These are straight leg jeans at a cropped length or ankle cut. They often have a raw hem or chewed hem finish. This style is a great spring/summer look that easily shows off all your favorite sneakers and sandals.

Barrel Leg:

A version of straight leg jeans that have a looser fit down the entire leg and are often less restricting. Most barrel leg jeans are a crop length and have a slightly tapered silhouette, only a smidge though since they still embody the straight leg construction.


Boyfriend, ex-boyfriend… call em what you want. This style typically embodies a slouchy, tapered cut. These jeans have stuck around for a while. Their signature relaxed fit makes them the perfect everyday denim.


Very similar to the boyfriend jeans, but these tend to hug the hips and bum just a little bit more. With a bit less slouch around the hips this denim style accentuates the shape of your body in all the right ways. No doubt these jeans will make you feel confident and carefree.


Distressed Denim jean back pocket

Gen Z might be cancelling skinny jeans, but we wouldn’t throw them all away just yet. Skinny jeans are a go-to look for many occasions. This style dons a skin-tight fit from waist to ankle. Its a slim tapered look that accentuates the body’s shape. Because they are so form fitting, most skinnies have a bit of a stretch to them. They’re a great look to offset oversized tops and are very functional when tucking jeans into boots, less bulk!


A blend between flare and straight. Like a straight leg cut, but instead of maintaining the straight width down the entire leg, bootcut denim typically has a mini flare around the ankle. The slight flare at the bottom allows for the jeans to fall nicely over taller boots and shoes. This style was bigger in the 60s and 70s, but many brands still have an adaptation of the bootcut on their roster. 


Now you’re all set, locked and loaded, ready to go! Browse through our collection of denim with confidence and find your new favorite jeans!

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