A cause for heroes with paws.
For the entire month of February, Bella Maas will be donating a portion of our sales to Ned's Wish, a female founded society that provides financial aid to cover healthcare costs of retired police and military dogs and enhance the quality of life for many courageous canine retirees. 
The services many of these dogs provide is invaluable to our police and military. They undergo extensive training and are required to perform difficult tasks in high pressure situations. 
After human police and armed forces officers finish serving their communities, their pension funds support them. These working canine officers, unfortunately, are not awarded the same support once they have completed their service. Due to the physically demanding workload these dogs have undergone throughout their careers they are often left with substantial and costly health issues. Health and medical costs which fall upon the families who graciously adopt them once they complete their active duties. 
Ned's Wish was created to provide financial aid to cover the medical costs required to enhance the lives of retired military and police service dogs. Most of these dogs have bravely spent the majority of their lives ensuring the safety and well-being of others. With the help of this unique organization, the quality of life of these canine heroes can be improved in their retirement and they can enjoy their remining years.
Shop with us this month and help support Ned's Wish in their efforts to care for and enhance the lives retired police and military service dogs.
Visit for more information and learn more about the never ending dedication of our canine heroes.

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