Ways to Wear Your Maxi Skirts: 6 Styling Tips

Maxi skirts are great year-round, but when those hot summer months roll around, they become even more appealing. Flowy and fun, they feel awesome and have ton of versatility.


What's a maxi skirt? They are long skirts, falling from the waistline to the mid-calf or ankle. Midi length typically sits around the calf and true maxi length would be down to the ankle. Both lengths are stylish alternatives to dresses and pants. They can be loose or more fitted, they come in all colors, prints, and patterns, but the key feature is the longer length.


Ways to wear your long skirts:

  1. Contrast.
    If your skirt is long and flowy, try a more fitted top. Crops and camis are great in the summer, but if you don’t love to expose your shoulders you can always tuck in your favorite t-shirt for a similar silhouette. We love a crisp white tee or a cool graphic.
  1. Dress it up.
    When someone says cocktail hour most people think of dresses. If you’re wanting something a little different you can always dress up your favorite maxi skirt. Because of the longer length, maxi skirts already have a built-in elegance. It really doesn’t take much to add a little flare. We suggest a blouse or fitted top, then it’s all about accessories. Footwear makes all the difference. Try a chunky heel or a strappy pump. Add a few key pieces of jewelry and you’ll transition effortlessly to a more formal event or special occasion.
Celeb inspired outfits for dressier skirt looks.
  1. Jackets.
    What makes maxi skirts so great is that you can wear anything with them. Adding a jacket to your outfit add another layer of functionality, but also gives you a second look. As evenings cool off, a denim jacket is a go-to look. If you’re feeling a little edgy, try one of our faux leather jackets. And if you’re keeping up with the trends, there’s always a relaxed fit blazer. This is another great way to offset the shape of your outfit, embrace functionality, and transition from day to night.
Celeb inspired outfit  ideas for maxi skirts and jackets.
  1. Make it an everyday look.
    Nothing wrong with wearing skirts casually. They don’t always have to be a dressy look. One of our favorite things to do with longer skirts is to pair them with a more casual top and sneakers. Graphic designs are a fun way to really show off your personal style. Don’t be afraid to style your long skirts with your everyday favorites.
  1. Mix it up.
    The combinations are endless with longer skirts. We have so many colorways and unique prints arriving, you can be as neutral or as bold as you want with this look. Try pairing a floral midi skirt with a neutral flutter sleeve top, or a solid-colored maxi with a bold gingham blouse. Play around with it to find the vibe that suits you best.
  1. Sweaters and Cardigans.
    A slouchy knit is a perfectly effortless way to cozy up your long skirts. In summer months we love the shorter style knits layered over a tank! Not that anyone wants to be thinking about fall and winter right now, but if you’re considering a new maxi skirt keep in mind how easily this style will transition into cooler months as well!


Now that you have all the styling tips and ideas you can browse through our assortment of longer skirts and find a chic new look!

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