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Find lovely, contemporary women's wear in our collection of Heartloom clothing


What is Heartloom?
Clothing for women, by women. Heartloom is 100% women run! The brand was founded in New York City by minority women, Heartloom loves creating styles with unique silhouettes and a touch of femininity.

Dresses are their specialty.
Everyday outfits, event attire, special events, you name it. Heartloom dresses fit the bill. They’re on trend and have a wide selection of prints and fits.

Elevated women’s fashion.
If we could describe Heartloom in one word, it would be beauty. No matter what it is, their styles are always beautiful. Everything from this brand is effortless and fashionable.

Hearloom will make you swoon.
Each collection is carefully made to encompass current, modern styles, yet still embody the timeless elegance that every woman looks for. You can easily find unique and sophisticated staple pieces from Heartloom to add into your wardrobe.

Made for modern women on the go.
Many Heartloom styles have vintage vibes but are modernized just enough for a more contemporary feel. Long lasting fabrics are carefully constructed to make you feel comfortable and current. Trust us, you'll want to take your Heartloom favorites with you everywhere you go.


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