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What is Jackson Rowe?
Jackson Rowe clothing is made to make you feel confident. It's all about soft fabrics and graceful fits. Every collections is stacked with year-round favorites.

Anyone can wear it.
Jackson Rowe makes beautiful pieces that accommodate women of every age. Each item can be easily mixed and matched to suit the wearer's style and have you feeling carefree and stylish. 

Proudly Canadian.
Jackson Rowe is a powerhouse Canadian brand that manufactures their products in Vancouver wherever possible. They are also conscious to use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

Perfect everyday wear.
Jackson Rowe products are known for feeling amazing. Soft and breathable fabrics make their pieces extremely easy to wear. T-shirts, dresses, tanks, skirts, you name it. If Jackson Rowe is making it, it’s a piece you won’t want to take off.

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