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What is Pyrrha?
Since their humble beginnings in 1995, Pyrrha has committed to producing quality handcrafted jewelry as an alternative to mass produced fashion accessories. Using precious metals and eco-friendly practices this Canadian brand is focused on making meaningful and sustainable pieces that are special for each wearer. Pyrrha creates unique collections of jewelry that offer inspiration, connection, and a little comfort. Shop our curated collection of Pyrrha jewelry here.

Unique gifts.
Pyrrha creates individualized pieces that are intended to make people feel inspired throughout their lives and feel connected to themselves and their loved ones. Each talisman is symbolic and displays a unique significance that can be thoughtfully chosen to suit the wearer.

Sustainable jewelry.
Committed to sustainability, Pyrrha operates in a carbon-neutral studio in Vancouver and uses only recycled materials and packaging. Pyrrha is mindful of their environmental impact and hope to inspire other companies in the jewelry industry to be more accountable as well.

Beauty in imperfection.
Embracing the natural beauty of each piece, Pyrrha has combined old and new to create meaningful handcrafted talismans that are centered around storytelling. Using 100% recycled precious metals to handcraft their jewelry Pyrrha embraces imperfections, character, and craftsmanship.

Unconventional and meaningful.
We love Pyrrha jewelry for their authentic style and unique meanings. Representing the idea of metamorphosis, the name Pyrrha itself is symbolic of both a physical change and an emotional transformation for the wearer.


Shop our collection of Pyrrha here!