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What is Saltwater Luxe?
Saltwater Luxe is all about luxurious, ready to wear items that make you feel gorgeous and confident. A brand that prides themselves on having great quality pieces that make women feel good. With a range in sizes, they are conscious to create pieces that accommodate women of all sizes.

Bold and beautiful.
Saltwater Luxe often incorporates pops of color into their one of a kind patterns and prints. Many of their dresses have an interesting take on a simple style. Their collections are always on trend but completely unique and innovative at the same time.

Dress the part with Saltwater Luxe.
We stock a range of styles from Saltwater Luxe. Most of which are a little bougie and elegant but can easily be dressed down and worn in more casual ways as well.

Effortless women’s wear.
Saltwater Luxe has cornered the market on effortlessly stylish outfits. Most items have a feminine touch to them without being too girly. Kimonos, dresses, jackets, you name it, their pieces don a boho vibe yet remain classy and chic.

Why where Saltwater Luxe?
An LA brand that is not like the rest. They have carved their own path in women’s fashion. Any one of their collections will give you an elevated beachy vibe. The intention is to make you feel free spirited and confident enough to strut your stuff anywhere and everywhere.

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